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Lean Biltong Sliced


Lean Biltong Sliced (without fat) A customer favorite! Each slice of biltong comes from large, fresh pieces of solid beef muscle (USDA-Approved). Each piece is carefully seasoned, cured to perfection, and sliced into thin shaving-like pieces. Our biltong slices are available in either Lean (without fat) or Traditional (with fat). If you would like to cut the slab into slices yourself, check out our Biltong Slabs. 

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  • 5
    Tastes like real South African biltong

    This is the best traditional biltong I've found in the USA. It tastes like biltong, not jerky. And we Love that it is super lean. It's the best!

    Posted by Elaine on Mar 31st 2020

  • 5
    Lean sliced biltong

    I get to South Africa about every other year. My first stop is always a snack shop at the airport to get biltong, and I carry (and eat!) a supply for the whole two weeks. Before, I knew I had to make it count, because it would be my last biltong for two years. Now that I've discovered USA Biltong, I know I can get SA-quality biltong any time. The quality is great, the taste is just like South African biltong and the price is very reasonable. I've tried other American-made biltong, and this one is both the best and the least expensive. I've stopped looking anywhere else. Highly recommended.

    Posted by Steve on Mar 24th 2020

  • 4

    I yearn for the biltong from South Africa. So, while perfectly fine, and in size and shape much like the biltong I learned to love (an improvement over much of the other "biltong" offerings) isn't really close. Beef ain't kudu, no matter how you cut it. Probably a matter of trade policy, tariffs, endangered species stuff... who knows? And probably a good thing, overall, that I can't just buy some kudu biltong over the internet.

    Posted by Al Coe on Dec 28th 2019

  • 4
    Sliced Biltong

    The flavor of the sliced biltong is good but we prefer sticks. We have many family members who eat biltong and we all prefer sticks. Really sorry you stopped offering it.

    Posted by May Yurgaitis on Dec 19th 2019

  • 4
    liked the taste, could be a little more fat

    will order this again

    Posted by Ed lombard on Dec 12th 2019

  • 5
    Biltong . Lean Sliced

    Very good.

    Posted by Chris on Dec 10th 2019

  • 5
    Lean Spicy Peri-Peri

    Love this Biltong! Just the right amount of spice. Repeat Customer.

    Posted by Kevin on Nov 12th 2019

  • 5
    Lean Sliced Biltong, smoked flavor.

    This is the best i've tried, and I have tried a lot of different brands. I't very similar flavor and texture wise to Stryve smoked biltong, but this stuff is a bit moister, which I prefer because the Stryve tends to be a little too dry. I can definitely recommend this, try some, you won't be disappointed.

    Posted by Scott on Nov 4th 2019

  • 5

    Believe it or not this was even better than the biltong I had in St Lucia, South Africa. So that should tell you something!

    Posted by Cameron on Sep 11th 2019